Best of the Best Books


This Google Doc is built around a simple concept, the best books are most likely recommended by multiple people across diverse backgrounds, industries and time. So we took the top 20+ lists of the best books as determined by people that read far more books than any of us, to find which books are found on more than one list.

This is a great starting point for find amazing books to read and I have found some of my favorite books of all time with this method. There are of course flaws with this method, it takes time for brand new books to start to filter to the top, list selection can influence results, and in general these tend to be more non-fiction compared with fiction.

How does it work?

There are 856 books available in the database written by 708 unique authors, extracted from 22 booklists.


You can use 4 fields on this tool to get the best books recommendation. Let us take you through them one by one.

  • Book Score - This score is related to the number of times that book appeared on those booklists. Example - Book Score 2 represents that the book appeared on at least 2 booklists.

  • Title Match - This is a search field for book titles or book names.

  • Author Score - This score is related to the number of time that author appeared on those booklists. Example - Author Score 6 represents that the author has been mentioned on at least 6 booklists.

  • Author Match - This is a search field for authors. If you want to have a look at the books written by a certain author, then please use it.


All the 22 booklists have been added as sheets, so you can also choose to explore them individually. You can also add your own lists, delete lists and create a database and tool that works for you.

Play with it, have fun, find some great books. Also please reach out with suggestions to make the tool better or lists we must include.